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M.Ed STEM Instruction 

The University of Texas at Austin

Coursework focused on using educational methodology  to craft public policy related to environmental and social justice issues.

Bachelor's of Science in Chemistry 

Bachelor's of Science in Education  

University of Nevada, Reno 

Coursework focused on the impacts of chemicals in the environment and the human body

What you can expect to find on this site.

The issues that local policy makers and researchers are working on matters for your individual health and the health of our environment especially as it keeps getting hotter in here! 

I also know that accessing the information about these issues can be complex (to say the least) and trying to go to the source can be arduous. I have spent so much time reading through academic publications and local legislation. Some of the articles are so dense that I questioned by ability to read! 

My entire goal is to read the research and policy documents and transform them into blogs and social media images that are 1) enjoyable and 2) easy for you to comprehend and make your own decisions about. 

The areas that I focus my research on are: 

  • Consumption (the impact on your health and environment)

  • Education

  • Transportation  

  • Water (availability, quality and potential hazards) 


I am also a co-founder of Fashion Anonymous which is a site entirely dedicated to low-impact living & conscious consumption.  

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